23 Oct – On to Toulouse

While at La Rochelle we decided to get organised and plotted a route to Toulouse via Bordeaux for two nights.We selected a site near Toulouse no 119 I closed the site book and Chris asked me to mark it so she could enter the co-ordinates in the morning.

Following morning sat nav set, off we went,  half an hour into journey Chris said  ” she ( Jane sat nav) is sending us in an odd direction and I cant find those road numbers”. An hour later I took a wrong turn onto a toll road and Chris was able to locate where we were, 200 KM in the wrong direction!

Last night when Chris asked me to mark site 119 in the site I opened the book and marked 119 not realizing that each region of France had sites marked 1 2 3 etc I marked the wrong 119, so we decided to press on and finally arrived at a large Aire among sand dunes, climbing the dunes we found  ourselves looking at the Bay Of Biscay 10 foot waves , surfers and miles and miles of sandy beach called Capbreton so we stayed two nights and altered our entire plan.

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