28 Oct 17 – Finally We Head For Spain

The eager anticipation of the trip to Spain could not be denied any longer.  We were now approaching it from a different starting point and decided to head down the N121 which would take us through the Pyrenees, around Pamplona and eventually to Pensicola.  It is a jolly long way so, we decided to break the journey at Vera Moncaya – the usual hill village complete with monastery.

Vera Moncaya from the campsite in an olive grove

After a pleasant stopover (the beer in the little bar frequented by many locals was very welcome), we headed on across the sierra Moncayo.  The road was long and twisty and then steep and twisty!

The long and winding road – tra la!!

The driver remained calm and was rewarded once we arrived at Peniscola with a soothing dram. We just happened to have packed suitable nerve repairing licquor.

Pensicola has an amazing old town and castle on a promontary.  Well worth a visit.

Peniscola old town and castle

The sea front is also a delight and I suspect it gets quite busy in the Summer.  The castle is really what makes this place so special.

Old town viewed from the Promenade

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