3 Nov – From Peniscola to Morella

Having enjoyed one trip along the winding roads, we decided to visit Morella.  This involved a trip back along the same winding road and was equally exciting.

Morella is an ancient walled town overlooked by a castle.  It s located in the province of Castellon.  The views from the village are stunning.

View of Morella Castle

The village is a member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain.  There are 44 villages in the Association and they have all signed up to the agreement to preserve the character and history of the villages.  The villages have to undergo a rigorous process to be accepted into the scheme and it is the responsibility of all the inhabitants to ensure the standards are maintained.  This will ensure a steady flow of visitors that will support local businesses.

We stayed on an aire which was located within a reasonable walk of the village and had amazing views of the castle.

View of Morella Castle from the aire

We had a very pleasant amble around the ancient streets with their traditional shops and restaurants.  It was definitely a place that we would recommend.


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