After Mojacar we went to Vera where there is a Globecar dealer.  We had some warranty work to be done and the staff were really helpful and (bonus for us!) they spoke English.  We booked the van in for 10 days time (the soonest they could fit us in) and spent the night on an aire a short distance away.

The journey to the aire involved travelling down a dusty, narrow road towards a tennis complex.  However, the accommodation was nicely laid out and there were showers and a laundry.  The views were seriously unremarkable, in spite of the elevated position and therefore I have no pictures to share!

Whilst at Vera we arranged to meet some friends at Almerimar the next day.  We were originally heading for Almeria via the Cabo de Gato but, as we needed to be back at Vera, we changed our plans.  The trip to Almerimar was different as the landscape became full of plastic greenhouses as far as the eye could see.  They grow all the tomatoes and peppers in these plastic worlds but they are quite an eyesore.   Once off the main road, the scenery approaching Almerimar improved markedly.

We had read that the aire at Almerimar is very popular and this was borne out when we arrived at 1400 to find it pretty full already.  The aire is run by the marina and has lovely views of either the bay, or the marina.  Our first night was spent overlooking the marina but we moved across to the sea wall for the next 2 nights.  It was a very attractive location with a selection of bars and shops around the marina and for 10 euros a night without electric, was quite acceptable.  The following pictures give an idea of the beauty of the location, particularly in the evening sun.

Lighthouse lit by early evening sun
Old lighthouse used as admin centre for the marina
Lots of masts providing atmosphere
Stunning evening reflections
Sun setting over the bay
Our van enjoying the view!
Evening reflections
Could this be an old Dutch Master?!

The marina area was the best part of Almerimar so we did not explore further.  We did enjoy strolling around the extensive marina and along the prom.  A very reasonable meal was enjoyed one evening in a British restaurant.  We chose it as it seemed to have the most lively scene and cheapest food.  We were not disappointed at the quality either.

We noticed that there seemed to be snow on the mountains in the distance.

Snow on mountains in the distance

As Anne and David were intending to visit Granada next, there was consternation.  As it turned out, they remained for over a week waiting for the weather to improve.  Whilst at Almerimar, we decided that we needed to return to UK for family reasons and so we went our separate ways.  After 3 lovely relaxing days we cancelled our van appointment and started the long journey home.

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