April 2020 Lockdown continues

We have now been in Bedford for 3 weeks and there are shocking death rates being reported daily across the UK. So far we have remained well, and the neighbours here are all pulling together to keep each other safe and provided for. Social distancing has been adhered to locally, apart from a few non compliers.

We are missing the children and grandchildren masses, but so far our family has remained well. We have been touched by the sorrow for so many families as the virus sweeps across the country taking so many lives.

I have managed to Nordic walk an average of 5 km per day for my daily exercise allocation. It seems a good idea to use this time to improve our fitness and diet, whilst dreaming of the open road. I am managing the fitness, not so good on diet thus far. Last week I made bread pudding to use up leftover rolls, as we are really focussing on limited excursions to the food shops and reducing waste. It was welcomed by Clyde and by Shane next door. However, after a disappointing scales experience, we have decided that in the weeks ahead, we will not have puddings or cake except on odd occasions.

This has been an opportunity for me to explore parts of Bedford I was previously unfamiliar with. The Spring weather has taken the sting out of the tail of this period of isolation. The blossom on the trees and the Spring bulbs, have been beautiful in the sunshine.

A host of golden daffodils!
River Great Ouse
Totum pole in Priory Country Park
Local park
Golden Acer
Cherry blossom
Fabulous blossom
Silver Birch

The natural beauty of Spring is there for all to enjoy. This year it was enhanced by the sounds of birdsong that are so often drowned out by traffic noise. This is the silver lining.