Around Exeter

Whilst staying near Exeter we spent a couple of days outside the city.  One of the days we devoted to visiting Exmouth, Topsham and National Trust property La Ronde.  It was a disappointingly gloomy day but we could see that the seafront at Exmouth would be justifiably popular for families in the fine weather.  It has a lovely sandy beach and the train runs along the front to deliver its passengers right to the beach.

Exmouth beach


Exmouth harbourside

We bought delicious pasties for our lunch from a small local bakery.  Delicious!

Next stop Topsham.  Another attractive harbour.  You can undertake a river tour up the exe from here in the season.  The town was also very quaint with individual shops.

View from quayside
Misty river view

On the way back to the campsite we visited A La Ronde.  This is a 16 sided building that was built in 1796 by cousins Jane and Mary Parminter.  They had been on a Grand Tour of Europe in 1784 and built ALaRonde on their return, filling it with treasures from their travels.  Mary financed the build and in her very detailed will, she named her successors as solely female relatives.  The condition of their inheritance was that they remained unmarried and lived at A La Ronde.

The house has 16 sides in order to make the most of the natural light.  The rooms would have been smaller than they are today and there are some interesting shaped spaces which have been put to good use.

A La Ronde

There are commanding views of the sea from here but it was too dull when we visited to take any reasonable photos.

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