Aug 18 Peak views

We  are working our way towards Scotland but had an appointment near Preston to get a TV fitted.

Yes, we have decided, after a year of travelling, to have the option of watching dvds.  We found the evenings long and dark last winter, even in Spain.  Much as we love reading, crosswords, crochet etc, sometimes we really craved a bit of entertainment.

On the way north we spent some time in parts of the Peaks not previously visited.  Here is a selection of views we enjoyed in spite of the fading weather.  We stayed on farm campsites in some stunning locations near Bakewell, Castleton and Holmfirth.  The roads were often narrow and twisty and went up and down a lot!  You don’t get great views without some effort!

View towards Bakewell from riverside walk
Bakewell bridge
Walk up to Surprise View
Dark Peak Surprise View

High up at Surprise View
Boulder view!
Digley Reservoir near Holmfirth
Another Peaks road
Stormy campsite! Whitegate Leisure Camping, near Holmfirth

We booked a hill top campsite close to Holmfirth for 2 nights and were advised by the owner, not to follow the sat nav, but to follow his complicated directions from the town centre.  Needless to say, by the time we were actually making the trip, I had slightly forgotten the fine details and I was unable to find the correct road.  Using a mixture of map and sat nav, I navigated us up a very narrow road with the sharpest hairpin bend we have ever encountered.  How my trusty pilot got us round it, we will never know.  Not an experience to be repeated!  When we arrived, the owner pointed out the correct road and tsk tsked at my tale of  woe.

Driving down Winnats pass to Castleton from Rowter Farm campsite
Heading down to Castleton
Trees at side of reservoir
Dramatic stormy view of the peaks
Sunset clouds over the Peaks

Whilst we were staying near Bakewell, we invested a great many Great British Pounds in a visit to Chatsworth.  See separate post.

After a fabulous couple of weeks in the Peaks, we travelled north to Lancaster for a quick visit before our appointment in Bamber Bridge near Preston.




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