August 19 Belgium

We had a vague plan to drive down the Romantische Strasse in Germany, but having already sidetracked ourselves, we thought a stopover in Belgium would be rather lovely. Not expecting to spend any time in Belgium, we did not have a road atlas other than the rather sketchy Europe map. It made things very interesting and I discovered that our new campervan sat nav is not fully functioning. Luckily, I had brought the old Garmin along, and it was pressed back into service.

I rather fancied a visit to Namur and a look at the ACSI camping book came up with a reasonably priced touring park near Namur. Thanks to said sketchy road atlas, this proved to be misleading and we ended up much further south. However, the little village of Mouzaive on the river Semois was a lovely spot for a couple of nights of peace and quiet.

Road to Mouzaive in the leafy valley of the Semois
Log store common in this area
River Semois from the bridge in Mouzaive
River Semois, Wallonia. View from our pitch

Undoubtedly, the region of Wallonia is beautiful and worthy of a longer stay than we had. There is plenty to explore if you like walking and cycling. Our stay was brief but relaxing and we will return to visit Namur another time.

Our journey into Germany was now via Luxembourg. We have visited before so did not stop, but we enjoyed the scenery along the way. As we climbed out of the Semois valley, we enjoyed some stunning views. We stopped at Rochehaut in the Bouillon region to enjoy the views down over the Semois valley.

Sign just by the viewing point
Viewing point at Rochehaut, Bouillon
Samois valley

This area, which is in the Duchy of Luxembourg, is a land of forests criss-crossed by footpaths, with an ancient feel to it. No walking for us, so we pressed on through Luxembourg to Germany.