Dec 18 Revisiting Alicante

Whilst we were filling time in El Campello, we decided to take the tram into Alicante. We had very much enjoyed our visit to the city last year and were interested to see a bit more. This time, as we arrived by tram, we came in at the top end of the city and walked down to the Esplanada de Espana. After a welcome cup of coffee we walked up the avenue that separates the old and new parts of the city. On the way we came upon this monument in the Plaza De Los Luceros. I wish I had made a note of it’s history!

Splendid fountain

At the top end of this boulevard, there is a set of steps taking you up to a college and the road round towards the Castle and Santa Maria church. I ran up the steps leaving Clyde minding the bags on a bench. The view down the boulevard towards the harbour was quite striking.

Looking up the steps to the college
Looking from the college down towards the harbour
Old and modern in Alicante

The castle was visible across the more modern rooftops.

Back on our walk towards the harbour, we wandered through the historic centre and were a bit intrigued by the colourful street complete with toadstools.

Colour and toadstools in Alicante old town.

Further on we were bowled over by the striking Ficus Macrophylla. It has been carefully paved around. There are several of these trees along the Esplanada Espana too.

Ficus Macrophylla

There are numerous squares in Alicante and at this time of year the colourful Poinsettas are used in displays such as this.

Poinsettas lifting the gloom

Back on the Esplanade we were treated to a striking sculpture by Manolo Valdes. It originated in an image he saw in New York’s Central Park where a butterfly was fluttering around a woman’s head. It is a typical example of his own particular style. It is a fabulous addition to the lovely Esplanade.

The Butterfly by Manolo Valdes

We did not visit any museums or shops on this visit but bought a few Christmas gifts from the arty stalls along the Esplanade and enjoyed a light lunch overlooking the marina. Once again we had a most enjoyable day in Alicante soaking up the atmosphere. We even managed to find our way back to the tram!