Feb 2020 Bornos

Bornos was a surprise as we had certainly never heard of it. We came upon it by accident really, as the aire we had intended to stay on at Arcos de Frontera was not as expected. I went back onto Search for Sites, and found a parking place near a lake, not far away. We had an exciting tour around and through Bornos trying to find the place, and eventually found our way to the small promenade instead. It was deserted apart from some workmen on a small building site, so we decided to stay there for the night. The lake, which is actually a reservoir, was lovely and I had a walk into the little town, which was unexpectedly pretty. It is in the Sierra de Cadiz, on the Pueblo Blanco route and has the usual white buildings as well as the Palacio de Los Ribera, which has attractive gardens.

Nice lakeside promenade
View of Embalse de Bornos from the van
Lovely view down to the lake from the road into the town
One of the many arrow roads in this lovely little white town
Ornate centre piece. Shame the fountain wasn’t working
One of the old churches, currently undergoing renovation
Palacio grounds. Lovely hedges and flowers as well as ornate pathways
Morning light over the lake. View from the van

We had a really peaceful night and recharged our batteries ready for gobbling up some more miles northwards. We got out of Bornos a little more easily than we got in by not using the SatNav!!