Feb 2020 Burgos

For this trip we stopped on a campsite that had a bus stop outside the gate. It only took 10 minutes to get into the city and cost 1.20 euros each. The campsite was very shady and had obviously enjoyed the same wet weather as the rest of Spain. We were advised to pitch in the middle and still struggled to get free of the mud when we left.

Burgos has to be back on our list as we had terrible weather whilst we were there. It was cold and wet and after a visit to the cathedral, we could not face wandering around the town in the cold for the 4 hours until the next bus. I have put some pictures of the cathedral on here, and a few of the grand buildings around it, but there is definitely more on offer and that will get on the blog next time around.

It is said that Burgos cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Spain. We did not get that impression although the colours in the stained glass are rather wonderful. There are also some lovely carvings and statues. The cupolas are also quite unusual and very attractive.

Squares and streets around cathedral

Steps ascending to the castle

Interior of Cathedral

Oriel window
Stained glass all round the cloisters

Was El Cid in here? If so, he was very short!
I loved this old wall painting
One example of the bling
Wall art on the way to the Cathedral

As you can see, there was plenty to enjoy in and around the Cathedral, this is just a small selection. Interestingly, Clyde was allowed to have the concessionary discount here.

This was a fleeting visit to Burgos, on our long trek north towards home. However, it was a pleasure not to be missed and definitely to be repeated another time.