Feb 2020 Merida

Merida was on our list for a visit so that was our next stop. Because we are cutting our trip short, we have put the white towns, Ronda and Cordoba back on the list.

Although the weather is not so good now, we have to stop somewhere and Merida is a convenient place. There is an aire near the centre so, although it is not very attractive, we settled for a night there. Merida is a town with lots of Roman ruins that are scattered around the less than attractive centre. We had a little exploration, saw the aqueduct, the Circo and then the Roman Theatre and Amphitheatre. Well, I saw the theatre and amphitheatre as we could not have a concessionary rate for Clyde(we were denied it as we are not in the EU) and he was not really all that keen to see yet another Roman ruin. I paid 12 euros to go in and he sat outside in the sun.

I had been unimpressed with the ruins seen up to this point but, the theatre was worth a look. All Roman theatres were built in the same way and served the same purpose of educating the citizens and for political meetings. I had not seen one with the amphitheatre on the same site before.
The photos say it all really:

Stork in nest on aqueduct
Gorgeous stork!
View of columns from behind the stage
View from the cheap seats
Seating is partly replicated
Actors entry tunnel

The Spanish have a curious way of preserving their old ruins. We have seen numerous examples of repair to historic ruins, rather than preservation. That aside, we think that Merida would be worth another visit as we did not see everything. Maybe one day……