Jan 19 Caceres

Caceres is an old walled town in the Extramadura area of Spain. We stayed just outside on a campsite with a handy bus service.  We went into the town for one day and pottered around the deserted streets.  As it was a Monday, the museums and most places of interest were closed, but we saw enough to get a feel for the place.  The Plaza Mayor, which is just outside the gate into the old town, is enormous and we could imagine it in summer with all the restaurants busy with tourists.  We had a more sedate experience, coffee at a quiet café and our sandwiches sitting on a bench overlooking the square.

Here are a few pictures from the old town to whet your appetite. I have yet to meet anyone who has not raved about this place.

Looking across the Paza Mayor towards the walled city
Steps up to the Arco de Estrella
Main city entrance. Arco de Estrella
City wall
Cathedral of Santa Maria
Plaza de Santa Maria
The Con Catedral of Caceres
One of many palaces
1000 year old olive tree that is still alive!
Circular chapel in Palacio that houses an information centre
amazing decoration in a very small chapel
Iglesia de San Francisco Javier in Plaza de St Jorge
Small statue of dear old Jorge!
View from Town wall
Plaza de Las Valetas
Ceramic details on the balustrade
Ceramic gargoyle on the museum
Back of the museum
Old Jewish Synagogue

I am not sure if it was the quiet Monday feeling but, we didn’t really feel as bowled over as we had expected. It is undoubtedly a hugely historic and interesting place but we probably won’t visit again.