Jan 19 – El Berrio and Sierra Espuna

We returned from the UK on 3 Jan and had an overnight stop at Rojales near Guardemar. That gave us the opportunity to stock up at Lidl and Mercadona and to decide where to go next. We had a look at likely stopping points on our planned route south and, as the weather was so good, we decided to risk a trip inland. There was a campsite in a small village in the Sierra Espuna that looked promising so we made our way there. The route took us along some beautiful, scenic and narrow roads until we wound our way through the back streets of this tiny village. It was a relief to get to the campsite, which was not full, and had splendid views across the village to the hills beyond.

Pretty village of El Berrio

The next day we had a walk through the village and up to the mirador behind the Hermitage. The mirador is dominated by a statue of Jesus which looks over the village and can be seen clearly from a distance.

Statue of Jesus overlooking the village

Behind the mirador, we walked up the hill and looked across to the other side of the valley. The blossom was just starting to appear on the almond trees and will be a picture before long.

View from behind the village
Closer view of the round red building perched on a rocky outcrop

We spent three days at El Berrio which was long enough to get some washing done and recover from the tricky journey there. It is always a bit cooler in the interior and we needed to put the screen cover on the van come early evening. The nights were quite chilly with a light frost awaiting us in the mornings. However, we really enjoyed the lack of light pollution that enabled us to enjoy the stars. The night sky was truly amazing with more stars visible than we have seen before.

There was only one road in and out of the village so the journey out was as exciting again, and with splendid views at every turn.

Sierra Espuna from the mirador
Sierra Espuna from the road

This had been a great start to our 2019 travels and we were ready for a return to the coast for our slow drift south.