Jan 2020 More Almerimar

Almerimar marina is a very popular spot and it is necessary to arrive at the marina late morning to jump into spots vacated by people who are moving on. It can be quite a cut throat process at times! On this occasion, we found a spot by the lighthouse and got talking to someone who had a better place overlooking the boats. They were moving on next day and came to let us know when they were about to move off. We were ready for me to run with our chairs and bag it immediately. You can’t believe you would ever behave in such a strange way! It was well worth the effort as we sat with our door slid back and surveyed our lovely view.

Marina view from the van

Lovely reflections

The lighthouse is very attractive too. It also houses an art gallery

The marina is really the jewel in the crown at Almerimar. The seafront stretches in both directions and has lovely sandy beaches which must be ideal for families. There are plenty of small shops, bars and restaurants around the marina to provide interest too.

Marina entrance
Seafront looking towards the mountains
View across the beach towards the harbour entrance

Yacht setting sail in the evening sunlight

The sun and lovely view were so alluring that we stayed longer than originally planned. However, we had heard from the hospital with an appointment for Clyde’s replacement knee operation which spurred us into action. We had thought it might be nice to visit Marbella for a change, so we found another grateful recipient of our fab pitch, and moved on once more.