Jun 18 Castellane


We spent 2 nights at this rather lovely little town where the river Verdon flows energetically past the town centre.  Our parking space on the aire was by the banks of the river and we enjoyed watching groups tackling the rapidly moving water in their kayaks.  It was a very short walk up a narrow street, complete with boulangerie, to the town square.

Town square

We enjoyed exploring this charming little town and I decided to exert myself once more and climb up to the Chapelle Notre-Dame du Roc.  The Notre-Dame du Roc dominates Castellane and its surroundings as it has done since the beginning of the 13th century.  The pathway takes you along the remparts, past the ruins of Petra Castellana, past the stations of the cross along the way, and on up to the highest point overlooking the town and gorge at 911 metres.

Distant view of the Roc
View of the town from part way up the footpath

The statue on the chapel can be seen from the town below and it looks very small from the ground!  It took me an hour to get to the top and a bit less to get back down.  The path is very uneven and stony and it was rather hot but, I really enjoyed the stunning views along the way.

Looking down to the town and river
Close up view of the Chapelle
Looking at the chapelle from the highest point
It really was this high!
Inside the chapelle

I staggered back to the van to find Clyde relaxing and enjoying the antics of the youngsters in kayaks.

We met two couples travelling for 3 months together around Europe.  They were a German couple and their American friends who had met in Alaska whilst travelling there.  The Germans were determined to show their friends as many places as possible in the 3 months.  The American lady said she was exhausted with the early starts and constant travelling.  However, they were having a great time. We enjoyed their company for a few hours and next day they were up and away early!

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