Jun 18 Gorges du Verdon

Gorges du Verdon

This area is also known as the Grand Canyon of Verdon.  It is one of the deepest gorges in Europe.  It was formed by the erosion of the limestone plateaus of Haute Provence by the Verdon river.  There are two routes along the gorge, the north route D952 is the less terrifying, so we plumped for that one.  The route along the southern side on the D71 is known as the Corniche Sublime and is generally considered to be more challenging.  We would have tackled it in a car but, not so keen in the camper.

The journey along this road was full of WOW! moments and we stopped when possible to drink in the splendour of the views.  We had lunch overlooking a very picturesque stretch with rapids that was providing an exciting experience for groups of kayakers.

Tackling the rapids
Popular spot along the gorge


We stopped for a while at the village of La-Palud sur Verdon

Church at St Palud
The Mairie’s place

and again at Point Sublime

Bit of information
View from the Point de Sublime

where you can watch eagles and vultures flying high above the mountains.  There were also some slightly heart stopping moments along this road as the rocks hang out over the road and there are some sheer drops to the gorge below.

Rocky bit!
Gorge view
More scenic views

However, we made it in one exhilarated piece to Castellane where we parked up for a couple of nights next to the river Verdon.

The scenery we enjoyed has been a huge bonus in our trip to this area of France.  We had no idea what to expect and we have not been disappointed.  We are constantly amazed by the beauty of the countryside and the drama of the hills and mountains all around us.

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