May 2020 – Virus Rages On

Looking back at my diary for May reminded me of some small pleasures. We had to attend an emergency eye appointment for Clyde at QA hospital in Portsmouth. This involved borrowing our daughters’ car (carefully sanitised), and we had the treat of speaking to the children from the end of their drive. Self shoulder hugs all round and blown kisses from 10 feet away.

The next day saw us creeping quietly from the house at 0600 complete with flask of coffee and enough sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. We had an eerie trip along the unusually quiet motorways and arrived in record time. We had time to park at the car park on Portsdown Hill where we enjoyed the view across to the harbour and Spinnaker Tower, glistening in the glorious sunlight. We had a small cup of coffee as there were no facilities open! I dropped Clyde off at the front of the hospital and went in search of somewhere to park. It was not easy as most of the car parking is now reserved for staff. I finally found a small space at the back of the site and awaited his return. When he emerged blinded by the eye drops, he could not see me and I had to resort to old lady style cooees! Back up the hill to enjoy our lunch sandwiches and have another small drop of coffee. No toilet trip for me, Clyde was lucky as he had found one in the hospital. I managed the drive back to Bedford before desperation set in. It is not easy travelling during lockdown.

It was now the 75th anniversary of VE day and we had a socially distanced street celebration. This involved sitting in the front gardens with our own picnics. However, we managed to chat to the neighbours, listen to music and enjoy the ambience.

15 May was the first time I had seen my best friend since before lockdown. The rules were now relaxed enough to be allowed to meet one other person outside at a distance of 2 metres. We met at the Country Park in Bedford and brought our own cup of tea and chocolate biscuits. We then had a walk around the lake in the sunshine. Odd to be together but apart.

Priory Lake

Interesting bench in the Country Park

It was such a lovely treat to see Gill and catch up with our news face to face, albeit at a distance.

There are a few empty pages in my diary for May, which reflects how my world seems to have shrunk. My highlights are my daily walks, now up to between 6 and 8 km per day, video calls with the children and grandchildren, and working on crochet projects. Thank goodness for the sunny weather enabling us to get out in the garden for some of our meals and reading our books. We are so lucky to have been able to move in with Clyde’s sister until we can get back on a campsite. We are also very grateful that so far, our family have remained well.

Bedford Embankment

By the last week in May the lockdown had been relaxed further and we were able to meet some of the family in a local park with each household observing the 2 metre distance rule. We had also managed to find a buyer for the campervan as we had decided to look for something a bit more spacious. It was very sad to see it go as it has been our home since we started full time travelling in October 2017. Now we can proceed with the purchase of a replacement. More on that coming up.