Nov 18 Valencia Revisited

They say you should never go back and usually we thoroughly agree.  However, we were happy to make an exception in relation to Valencia.  We even stayed on the same campsite as last year.  The main excitement was the journey through Valencia in the van, during the rush hour!  All credit to Clyde for keeping his cool and getting us safely through the chaos.

The weather has not been as good this year and so we have needed to keep on the move a bit more.  We caught the bus into the city and tried to visit the places we missed last time.  The tourist map, collected from the tourist information office, was not very helpful to us as the locations of the historic buildings we wanted to visit were not very clear.  The very helpful young man in the TI office did his best to point us in the right direction but we were a lost cause!

We started off with a cup of coffee in the Plaza Reina, just across the square from the cathedral.  There was a busker playing some jolly music on his guitar, which added a bit of atmosphere.

I really wanted to visit the Plaza Tossal, which is at the centre of the area boasting some amazing graffiti.  Sadly, due to the vagueness of the tourist map, we found ourselves at the central Mercado.  Not to be too picky, we went in to soak up the atmosphere.  We went downstairs to use the facilities and Clyde missed his footing and fell down the stairs.  He was a bit shaken by the experience but worst of all, he twisted his bad knee.  That rather put paid to our exploration plans.  Whilst he sat on a wall outside the Mercado and waited for the painkillers to take effect, I went back inside for a look at the building. It is very attractive both inside and out.

Inside the Mercado
Domed roof in the centre
The front door!

Opposite the Mercado is a row of very attractive buildings, now housing cafes.  It was bustling with students and tourists and provided a good opportunity for people watching.

Opposite the Mercado
Plaza Mercado

After a rest in the sunshine we decided we had better make our way back towards the bus stop.  We still had our sandwiches in our backpacks, so we pottered along to the Plaza Adjuntament to sit by the fountain and have our lunch.  Once again I abandoned the wounded soldier and went to have a look around the square.

Buildings overlooking the Adjuntament Plaza
Splendid building in the corner
Proper fountain

The fountain is fabulous and the numerous water spouts shoot water out at varying heights making a mesmerizing display.

We walked slowly, with poor Clyde hobbling painfully, back to the place we caught the bus last year.  Typically, it has been moved!  Not to be outdone, I checked around the corner on the main road and with my eagle eyes, ascertained that the stop was not too far away.  As we waited for the bus we admired the Porta de La Mar (at least, I think that is what it’s called)

Porta de La Mar

It is always nice to have a pleasant outlook whilst awaiting the bus.

We had a slightly longer stay on the campsite than planned but, it meant we had time to explore the area a bit more in the van.  We had a lovely tour around the Albufera lagoon and enjoyed coffee in the sunshine at the beachside restaurant in El Saler.  We also had some very nice fellow travellers on the campsite to chat with.  Altogether, notwithstanding the unfortunate injury, we enjoyed our return visit to the area.

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