Sep 18 The Kelpies

No trip to Falkirk would be complete without a visit to the Kelpies.  We were able to stay overnight for free but sadly there was no view of the Kelpies from the overnight parking place.

We thought the Wheel was amazing but, we were seriously stunned by the beauty of these enormous statues.

Approaching the Kelpies
Closer view. Duke(head down) and Baron(head up)

This was another British Waterways project for the Millennium.  This area was reclaimed from an industrial wasteland.  The Forth & Clyde canal runs through. The Kelpies are housed in a 350 hectare recreational green space called the Helix.  They stand 30 metres tall, and are the world’s largest equine sculptures.  At night they are illuminated and can be seen from miles around.

Night illumination
Beautiful view of Duke

We went on the guided tour to find out more. Once again we had a proud and enthusiastic guide.  The artist who designed the sculpture used two Clydesdale horses as his models.

The sculptor, Andy Scott with his two models

The structure was complex and we saw how it was created onsite.  The tour included a visit inside the structure too.

Inside a Kelpie

Why are they called Kelpies?  They were a spirit from the canals which were used as a threat to children to induce good behaviour.  “Be good or the kelpies will get you!”

The sculptures are surrounded by water and it reflects their image.

Evening reflection

This was a high spot for us.  We do love a statue but these were something very different.  The story of their inception and execution was fascinating.


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